Chicago Lifestyle photography at Montrose Harbor

July 26, 2013 Portraits

Before the sun was above the horizon, Laurie and I were up and out the door on our way to the studio for makeup and shoot prep.   Anjelica Bannos was our artist for the shoot, giving Kelly, our model for the day, a luminous, fresh glow.  Everyone handled the wee morning hours like champs, knowing an empty beach at sunrise would be worth sacrificing a few more hours of sleep. 

Just as we parked our cars, the sun rays stretched across the sky. When Kelly reached the top of the hill, her red hair glowed like a burning fire.  The location was perfect for her free spirited nature and beautiful smile. We had the best time that day, snapping away in multiple outfits and twirling along with Kelly.

Accompanying us was jewelry design Zurina Ketola, who leant us her lovely designs for the occasion. They were the perfect accent for this beachside portrait shoot. We’re so excited to now be carrying a selection of Zurina’s pieces for our client’s to wear during their sessions!  What a great additional to our studio.