May We All Never Look Like a Drunk Giraffe

March 21, 2017 Boudoir

Thoughts on a Boudoir Photoshoot from a Real Client

Our week was completely made when we read this recent boudoir Chicago photography shoot review from one of our clients. “Maggie and Kelly and my makeup artist Anjelica made me feel/look like a freaking goddess.”

boudoir chicago photography

YES! We say it again and again, but we realllly mean it. We want to make each and every one of our clients look better than they ever imagined and feel like a goddess. It might sound cheesy, but we’re owning it.  This is it. This is what we want and it’s pretty stinkin’ to hear our mission was accomplished.

boudoir chicago photography

Also, this line just needs to be acknowledged for it’s amazingness “subtle but extremely helpful direction for my posing so I didn’t look like a drunk giraffe.”

May we all never look like a drunk giraffe. Amen.

boudoir chicago photography legs on couch