Our Philosophy


At Revealed Studios, we put ourselves in the shoes of every client coming through our door. We understand how vulnerable it can feel to have your picture taken, especially if it’s in your underwear. That is why we believe in providing incredible personal customer care, so you’re comfortable with us before you even arrive. We want you to feel like you are spending a day with a group of friends you trust who are there to pamper and encourage you.

We believe all women are beautiful no matter the shape, size, age, or disability. We’re here to help you see yourself in the best possible light through stunning photography.

We thoughtfully craft every detail of your experience to create a space of encouragement where you feel safe to express yourself. Our studio is free of body shaming. It is a place to embrace your sensual side without fear of embarrassment. It’s ok to feel a little sexy. It’s ok to say “wow, I look good.”

Our services can be a unique form of therapy. Like jumping out of an airplane, boudoir photography takes courage and is a huge confidence booster. It’s the perfect way to kick start you onto a path of self-love and personal celebration. While we emphasize a breathtaking final product, we feel the real value is in the experience. A boudoir session can be both healing and empowering.